Sunrise Cruise:18.00 USD/ Person
Private Cruise: 30.00 USD/Hour
Silk Village Cruise:  35.00 USD/ Person
Sunset Cruise: 15.00 USD/Person
Dinner Cruise: 35.00 USD/Person
Silk Village cruise

08:45 am to 12:30 am
01:00 pm to 04:30pm
Sunrise Cruise
05:30am to 07:15am
Sunset Cruise
04:45 pm to 06:15pm
Dinner Cruise
06:30 pm to 08:15pm
Private  Cruise
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Silk Village Cruise or MekongTour

Morning : 8:15 am to 12:00 pm
Afternoon : 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm
A great way to escape the noises of the city and nd out the real life style of Cambodia rivers and countryside, Captain Kim will take you from Tonle sap, South past the Royal Palace , Crossing the Mekong Delta, formally known as the 'Four Faces River ,then a cruise up the Mekong river visiting Cham’s corner (Muslim Village) then heading straight to the village of Mekong island, (1 hr riding), then will get off and visit the weaving house, you can enjoy local fruits, and cold drinks, learn more about the silkworm, get to experience the house owner and also you may purchase the silk products at a reasonable price(45 minute), then jump on the horse cart for an adventurous ride around the village, then visit school and the local families. It is suggested you to bring some candy , a simple book and or pencils to give to children. after the total tour will last around 4hrs.

Sunset Cruise

Afternoon: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
See the city from a different persective ! The perfect afternoon activity, the boat will start from Tonle Sap river, heading South past the Royal Palace, then East over the Mekong Delta, you will then visit oating village, North up the Mekong river, then circle back to enjoy our sunset over the Capital Phnom Penh, ending at 6:30 pm. Inclusion: One way pick up from hotel at 4:30pm , Local  chips & peanuts , Free ow Angkor beer or soft drinks,
($15 per person)

Private River Cruise
Design your own trip, or just jump on board and go where ever your heart desires, head North or South on the Tonle Sap or Mekong river, there are many dierent sight seeing options, make a day of it! $30 per whole boat min 2 hrs
Dinner Cruise (6:30-8:30 pm)
A great Khmer BBQ on the boat, Cooked locally made BBQ chicken , BBQ pork , Home Salad, Steam & Fried rice, & Free ow Angkor beer on the boat! Inclusion : one way pick up $35 per person. (min 2 pax)
Sunrise Cruise(5:30-7:15 am)
It will be an early morning tour and cruise, experience the fresh morning air on the river, see the sunrise and the dierent colours shine over Phnom Penhs Skyline. Inclusion : one way pick up , local tea and coee, croissants. $18 per person. (min 2 pax)